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Claire Wilson

YES, Thorpe Contracts supply temporary labour.....HOWEVER, our 29 year old business was built on our contacting capabilities....

NOW its time we started shouting from the roof tops what contracting services we can offer!

Health, Safety and Environment are vitally important these days and some tasks just have to be outsourced.... Outsource them to US!

We have the capabilities to undertake the following contracts:

  • Labour providers
  • Conveyor belt recycling
  • Dismantling and disposing of assets
  • Commercial gardening
  • Building Maintenance
  • Industrial cleaning

We can provide:

  • Free of charge quotations and site assessments
  • Risk Assessments and Method statements for each and every project.
  • A site supervisor would be present throughout the contract
  • Vehicles, machinery, tools and supplies to complete the task if required
  • Temporary access solutions if necessary
  • Pre contract drug and alcohol testing of staff
  • Assurance the job will be done!
  • Teams with SHEA Gas, Manual handling, Working at height

Just tell us what you need and we will tell you how much its going to cost!

Contract Services Features

Better Selected Better Managed

Thorpe Contracts will help you to select the right people for the job in hand. We choose from our vetted in-house pool of over 1000 specialist skilled workers. And if for some reason we can't find you the right people in-house, then we'll source them from our extensive industry network.

Platinum Plus Service

24/7 - 365 support.
Better selected and better-managed.
Full performance reporting.
Staff scheduling and planning services.
Analytics and reporting.
Dedicated on-site support.
Off-site support team.

Next Steps

Contact Thorpe Contracts today to discuss how we can supply you with better selected and better managed workforces. Our team will visit you to gain a full understanding of what your looking for from your Contingent Workforce or Contract Services Project.

Naylor Industries

"Thorpe Contracts have provided an excellent standard of services and calibre of contract worker to our manufacturing and logistics functions. They offer a comprehensive account support, with close management of people along with the options of an on-site supervisor.

The regular monthly service checks and reports reassure us that the standards of safety induction, training, and conduct are maintained."

-Bridie Warner Adsetts
Chief Operating Officer

A refreshing change!

"With a growing range of quality contract workers and a dedicated and passionate management team, Thorpe Contracts differentiate themselves from the high volume providers. A refreshing change!"

- Bridie Warner Adsetts
Chief Operating Officer

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