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Better selected workforces

Thorpe Contracts is the No'1 supplier of contingent workforces and contract services to the Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire area.

By providing you with only the very best people from a carefully vetted pool of over a 1000 workers, we guarantee you a better quality of contingent and contract worker for your organisation or project.

Better managed workforces

With Thorpe Contracts, selecting the right workforce for your requirements is only half of the story.

Once selected, we professionally manage your contingent workforce as Thorpe Contracts employees. Handling all HR, and staffing issues to help to you focus on critical business matters, instead of getting bogged down with day to day staffing, and sourcing issues.

Better contingent workforces for Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire

Processes built around your needs

The two big pain points that we continually come across with companies that are looking to source a contingent workforce are:

1. You have major concerns about getting the right people, with the right sort of attitude, and capabilities to perform the job in hand.

2. Quality is very important to you, but you simply don't have the necessary time to invest in managing a contingent workforce as you would like to.

These two problems problems can compound to result in poor attendance, lower productivity, along with the unwanted burden of managing a constant flux of contingent workers.

Our unique system of better selected and better managed workforces helps to eliminate these two pain points at once.

Contract Services

Thorpe Contracts provides Contract Services for companies with specific projects in mind. These can be from one-off to ongoing. One man jobs to entire workforces.

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Thorpe Contracts Platinum Plus Service

  • 24/7 - 365 support.
  • Better selected and better-managed workforces
  • Full performance reporting
  • Staff scheduling and planning services
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated on-site / off-site support team

Thorpe Contracts help clients looking for Industrial, Manufacturing, Trackway, Engineering Agricultural, and production contingent workforces in the Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

We supply contingent workforces to Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Barnsley, Bradford, Derby, Mansfield, Lincoln, Chesterfield, Worksop, Scunthorpe, and Leicester.

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